Friday, September 18, 2009

Hard at Work

Day 154

03 JUNE 09

On my way out to run my daily errands, I was stopped just outside my subdivision by this worker. He was holding traffic for his colleagues, who were trimming the huge trees standing just beside the road.

I love getting photos of these workers on the road, and I'm not sure why. What attracts me to them? Not physically, you understand, but photographically? Is it the idea I can sneak candids of people I've never seen before and will probably never see again? Could it be the whole "America at Work" thing? Or maybe it's just me branching out and taking photos I've never attempted in the past.

Who knows? I still think they're fun. And next time I see workers on the road, if I'm in position to grab a photo safely, I will.

Post-processing: Sadly, I processed this so long ago I can't remember exactly what I did. Looking at my psd files, I see a slight crop, a bit of color correction to remove some of the green cast, some Shadow/Highlight work to open up that tree on the left, a curves adjustment, noise reduction, and border addition.

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