Friday, September 18, 2009


Day 153

02 JUNE 09

I've been MIA lately -- keeping busy offline, but still taking those Project 365 photos! Now it's time to play a bit of catch-up. Okay, actually, a lot of catch-up.

This photo (with the horribly unimaginative title) was one of those last minute oh-my-gosh-I-forgot-to-take-a-picture photos. You know what I'm talking about. It's late, you're about to head off to Dreamland, and you suddenly realize you haven't touched your camera all day.

It's my son's belt, sitting on the end table next to me. This photo was done entirely by lamplight, since I'm not all too fond of using the little on-camera flash. I just bumped up the ISO (in this case, to 1600) and fired away.

Post-processing: Looking back at my psd file, it looks like all I did with this one was make a Shadows/Highlight adjustment and convert it to black & white. There also would have been some mild sharpening in ACR and the border addition.

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