Wednesday, June 17, 2009

When the Sun Goes Down

DAY 152

01 JUNE 09

I finished up a shopping trip just as the sun was going down. When these sky colors greeted me in the parking lot, I knew I had to get a shot. The foreground's not very pretty. The background's not very pretty. But I still think the sky is stunning.

Post-processing: noise reduction, sharpening, border addition.


  1. Nice! I took a photo almost EXACTLY like that a few years back. Took it from a parking lot, with the sun turning pink over a strip of shops.

    Always pretty!

  2. I TOTALLY KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN ABOUT Sunset Pics! Kudos Just Beautiful! As I too am a Big Fan of Picture taking and have been lucky to get some wonderful Shots of sunsets, Here In Ozarks, which is where I live as well when we have been on Vacation in Jamaica as I feel their is No better Place than the Caribbean Ocean and the Sunset Seen in Jamaica, were everything is Ire! And the People all Smiles!

    Thanks So Much for Sharing!

    C. Alette
    Alette Designs
    Etsy Shop

  3. Alette Designs: Thanks! I've never been to Jamaica, but I have lived in the Ozarks. I witnessed some breathtaking sunsets out West, too, on our last visit to Yellowstone. I miss those.

    Matt Ferrell: Why is it that so many pretty sunsets are viewed from shopping areas? Is it easier to see them there or is that just where we happen to be?

    Hm. Thoughts to ponder. ;)