Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Save the Clocktower!

DAY 141

21 MAY 09

Ignore the post title; this clock tower isn't in danger of being demolished. But every time I look at this photo, I have a "Back to the Future" moment, thus the title.

On Day 118, I posted a photo from the new courthouse. Today's photo is the old courthouse.

According to one website I saw (can't remember which one -- sorry!) it was built in 1920 in the Neoclassical revival style. That never mattered to me -- to me, it just looked cool. Old world. The charm of yesteryear.

If it's not already completely empty, it will be soon. I wonder what will happen to it.

Post-processing: lens distortion correction filter, noise reduction, sharpening, conversion to black & white using Photoshop's black & white adjustment layer with the high contrast red filter setting & tinting, border addition.


  1. What a stately looking building--I love that clock tower. I hope they will make use of such a beautiful building and not tear it down as many modern developers are (sadly) wont to do.

  2. Heather -- I'm hoping for the same thing. I recently read an article that mentioned they currently have trash cans all over the interior of that building catching rainwater from the leaky roof. They are still using the annex, so that's a good sign. That, plus the fact that they're currently trying to revitalize the old buildings downtown rather than destroy them.