Tuesday, June 2, 2009

STOP! Look Around.

DAY 140

20 MAY 09

I've become pretty good about bringing my camera everywhere with me these days. I learned it the hard way, I'd missed so many good shots because I'd left my camera at home. You never know when a good photographic opportunity will present itself, and it's rewarding to actually have a camera handy.

On Day 140, my mother was heading home after a month-long visit with us. It was hard to see her go, and my son was devastated. Anyway, on our way to the airport, traffic came to a dead halt. That's not usual for southbound I-85; I consider it a good day on I-85 if I don't have to stop my truck. Lucky for me, one of the places I had to stop actually had a decent view.

I present you with the view from I-85 southbound heading into Atlanta.

Post-processing: noise reduction, sharpening, curves adjustment, taming of the blues in color balance, border addition.


  1. Nice looking buildings and a great backdrop - that sky is beautiful! Never would have guessed this was shot from a traffic jam.

  2. Thanks! I thought I was really lucky the traffic stopped me in a decent-looking spot.