Thursday, June 4, 2009

Drops on the Web

DAY 144

24 MAY 09

I woke up in the morning and went outside to greet the day.

Nice fantasy -- that's just not the way I do things. I did wake up. I probably stumbled around a while. Eventually, I did go outside. Probably to take photos of my porch railing. I keep photographing it, thinking that one day I'll use it as my Project 365 shot. It hasn't happened so far, but I keep trying.

Anyway, a spider or other web-weaving creature had spun a web in the corner of my railing. It had rained the night before, and the threads of the web still held droplets of rain. Of course, I had to try and get photos.

I know it seems like I've been on a black & white kick lately. That's not necessarily true -- it's just the last few photos I posted looked better (in my opinion) in black and white. With this photo, the conversion cut out the distraction in the shot posed by the red brick.

Post-processing: noise reduction, sharpening, black & white conversion using the blue filter in Photoshop, border addition.


  1. Very nice - I almost see faces in the bubbles, or maybe it's the glass of wine!!

  2. Alan -- Are you alcohol commenting? ;-) Kidding. I don't see faces, but I do see something. I'm just not sure what it is. I might have to go back to the original shot and zoom in to find out.

    Sandra -- Thank you!