Thursday, May 7, 2009

Not a Dead Battery

DAY 121

01 MAY 09

It's not often my husband makes mistakes. When he does, I take any opportunity available to document it for the chance to use it against him later.

All in good fun, of course.

This photo is one of those opportunities. My husband rebuilt an old tractor and frequently uses it for yard work. On Day 121, he pulled the tractor into the garage to make some changes to it. When he opened the back up, this is what we found.

Initially, I thought the white stuff was that white crusty stuff that appears around batteries. I was wrong, and the reality is even better.

Apparently, the last time he worked on the tractor, he left a white terry towel in there with the battery, and forgot all about it. What you see here is what was left of that towel.

It's not the greatest of photos, but it is a good one to pull out once in a while. It says See? Even you pull a bonehead move once in a while! The woman in me appreciates that. :)

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