Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fading Away

DAY 133

13 MAY 09

On a prominent corner in a rural town in Georgia once stood a church. It was a pretty cool looking church, somewhat imposing in appearance, and very old. In fact, it had occupied that corner since 1907. But in recent years, it stood empty.

The congregation had outgrown the building years ago. They'd built a much larger facility a few miles up the road. The old building had been left to crumble and rot.

Am I being over-dramatic? Perhaps. After all, they did try to sell it. A giant for sale sign decorated that corner for quite a long time. Forever, it seemed. Unfortunately, nobody willing to spend the money to restore the beautiful old building stepped forward. The building languished.

Eventually, the owners decided the building wasn't worth saving. I can only assume they felt it'd be easier to sell the property without the old church sitting there. So the old church was demolished.

Part of the building still stands. The "newer" part, although I don't remember how "new" it really is. I might have read somewhere it was built in the 70s. Or was it the 60s? Shoot, I can't remember.

This is what's left. The footprint of the old church building was sodded over. Another sign stands, one that displays an artist's rendering of what a new and improved office complex would look like on that spot. Just what the little town needs. A new office building in the historic and picturesque downtown district.

They knocked down the 100-year-old church. Could the nearby 100-year-old homes be next on the chopping block?

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  1. It's a sad story and I think your photo supports your thoughts very well. Good choice to use B&W to emphasize the age of the building. Also, you've completely filled the frame with the building, showing nothing else in the photo, which I think emphasizes it's importance relative to it's surroundings. Nice shot!

  2. Thank you both! I remember being enamored of that church the first time I saw it, and my one regret was that I never got to see inside before it was destroyed. I did manage to get some photos of it just days before they tore it down, though. I know they're here on my hard drive somewhere...