Saturday, May 23, 2009

Still Cheery

DAY 132

12 MAY 09

I've mentioned the drought we've been under a few times; this photo relates. When rain became scarce and watering restrictions were put into place, it became nearly impossible to take care of the flowers I'd planted in my flower boxes, and they eventually died.

I completely blame the rain, and not my gardening abilities, of course.

The following spring, I'd wanted to plant flowers since they'd brightened my front porch so nicely, but I didn't want them to die of thirst again. So I improvised. I bought fake ones.

I suppose some people might see it as being a little tacky, but I like they way they brighten my porch. I like the way I don't have to worry about watering them. I like the way I don't have to worry about them when I'm on vacation. Most of all, I like the way they make my house look cheery without breaking watering restrictions. And it's oh-so-easy to change them with the seasons.

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