Sunday, April 5, 2009

Welcome, Spring

DAY 83

24 MAR 09

When you make the turn into my subdivision, this is the first tree you see. The greeter, if you will. In fact, I was going to give this post a title that somehow incorporated a greeting and a tree, but I couldn't come up with a phrase that made sense so I had to settle for the much lamer "Welcome, Spring". Still, the post title does fit; it seemed as soon as we hit the first day of spring, this tree started blooming.

I love that this tree is what greets me when I come home. It's beautiful. It's cheerful. And it makes me happy.

Post-processing: noise reduction, sharpening, border addition.


  1. Happiness - for sure - the photo made me smile. Such light delicate flowers against the solid trunk. Lovely

  2. So pretty! No trees in flower here yet, though it looked like the magnolias I pass on the way to work are finally starting to bud. Of course, it might help if it would stop snowing!

  3. Yes it's beautiful! I like your depth of field and your composition.

  4. Gorgeous! Nothing that pretty here yet - still waiting for some blooms...

  5. susanvg -- I love hearing I'm not the only one to smile at photos like this.

    Heather -- Less snow does help. :) I'm sure your area will start blooming any day now!

    Tim D. -- Thanks so much!

    Nienke -- I'm sure you'll have them soon, too. It's getting to that time of the year.