Sunday, April 5, 2009

On the Pitch

DAY 80

21 MAR 09

Initially, one of my self-imposed rules for Project 365 was no soccer pictures. I'd instituted that rule because I'd shot every game my daughter played in during the Spring 2008 season and the Spring and Fall 2007 seasons. In other words, I'd shot a lot of soccer, and felt more soccer pictures wouldn't present the skill-building I was hoping Project 365 would offer.

As you can see, I've changed my tune.

First of all, rather than bringing my camera to my daughter's games, I've been watching them. With my eyes. Not through a camera lens. And I did that during the Spring 2009 and Fall 2008 seasons. I must admit I really enjoyed that. I'd never realized how different a game is when you don't watch through a camera.

Second, I didn't use my regular soccer set up for this picture. No Canon 40d dSLR. No Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS lens. No monopod. Just my little point-n-shoot and a lot of praying. I'd say the prayer worked, since I managed to get this shot.

This was a junior varsity tournament hosted by the school my daughter plays for. This season, her coach has her playing in the box as the Keeper, which has resulted in very little time on the field. She hasn't been entirely happy about that; while she likes the position, she likes field time, too. Prior to this tournament, she played a single half in the first game of the season, and she scored a goal for her team.

When her coach sent her out on the field during the tournament, I knew I had to try a get a shot. It was great to see her out on the field again, even if she didn't score this time. No goal, but she did get an assist.

Post-processing: sharpening, noise reduction, border addition.


  1. I love the way both girls look like they are turning. (Not sure if they are but it looks like it) I also love the way your daughter's hair is on her face. It appears that even while not knowing that you are taking the picture, she won't give a shot of her face.

  2. You know her well! I think she's so practiced at not letting me get her photograph, she does it without trying. That's okay. I managed to get a few face shots of her in marching band. >:)