Saturday, April 4, 2009


DAY 79

20 MAR 09

Still at the height of high school soccer season, so I still found myself sitting in my truck, waiting for that day's practice to end. I've always got one of my cameras, so I'm always shooting stuff down at the field. Sadly, it's often the same stuff. Over. And over. And over. And over.

On Day 79, I decided to shoot a little inside my truck. This one was my favorite from that session. I liked the way my steering wheel lines up with the dash. I like the surprising reflection in the vehicle information center. I don't like the way the bright sunlight blew out a large portion of the photo, but I can deal with it. Especially since I like the sun flares in the shot.

Post-production: slight crop, noise reduction, sharpening, border addition.


  1. The reflection is very cool.

  2. Thanks; I thought so, too. I love when I get those little surprises.