Tuesday, March 3, 2009

No Bursting Allowed

DAY 52

21 FEB 09

Day 52 found me with my husband, browsing one of his favorite stores -- the local home improvement supply joint. I don't mind it much, although there are times when my eyes start to glaze over and my mind begins to wander. Lucky for me, I had my little camera with me to stem any boredom.

I took pictures of a bunch of stuff: ropes, nails, knee protection, wire fencing, but it was this photo of an air hose that really caught my eye. Not just because of the wonderful bright orange color, but also the text. Seriously, who can resist anything that says BURSTING? It calls to mind all sorts of fun scenarios.

Post processing was the same ol'/same ol': noise reduction, sharpening, curves bump, and border addition.

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