Monday, February 9, 2009

Laundry Day

DAY 39

08 FEB 09

Day 39 fell on a Sunday. Sundays in my house are down days. My husband heads to work in the wee hours and the kids and I sleep in. For us, it's a lazy day. The first half of the day, anyway. After that, it's also known as Laundry Day.

Almost like clockwork, I get out of bed, get dressed, then wander past my childrens' rooms yelling, "Bring all your dirty clothes downstairs!" Sometimes the call works; sometimes it doesn't. On Day 39, it worked.

Laundry Day kept me busy for a majority of the afternoon. Pictured here is the first load of towels after washing and drying but before folding. Because when the call works on Laundry Day, I have little time to do anything but laundry.

Post-processing was minimal. Sharpening, curves adjustment, and border addition.

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