Monday, February 9, 2009

It's Not Dead Yet!

DAY 40

09 FEB 09

Back to my grocery store we go!

The book section at my local grocery store used to really suck (or really sock, as I tell my son he must say). It was tiny and out of date and a miserable unorganized mess. But then three years ago they built a nice new modern huge store, complete with a nice new modern huge book section. And unlike the local discount store I won't name, my grocery store keeps their book section neat and in order. It's clean and easy to browse.

I love my grocery store's book section.

They carry hardcovers and paperbacks. Romances and suspenses. Recipe books and religious stories. Reference books and children's stories. They've got it all. They even have a couple comfy chairs in the aisle!

On the internet, I often see articles declaring print is dead. Nobody reads newspapers or books or magazines anymore. You know what? There's absolutely no evidence of that sentiment in the book section of my grocery store. And that makes my heart happy.

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  1. I want your grocery store! Seriously. Mine used to have a decent book section, but now they only carry a small selection of offerings, mostly NYT best sellers and very few romances. Definitely no cozy chairs to make your browsing more comfortable, either. Methinks you are a wee bit spoiled! ;)

  2. Heather -- I don't mind being a wee bit spoiled. ;) The book section you describe was the book section in this store before they built the new one.

    New stores are good, right? When they built the new one, they also added a huge video rental section. That's nice, but I like the new book section.