Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cloud Strips

DAY 44

13 FEB 09

On Day 44, my daughter and I were driving through town to pick up lunch for the family. "Look at those cool clouds!" she said. Sure enough, the sky above was filled with strips of bright white, fluffy clouds. My kid was right -- they were extremely cool.

Sorry for the blown-out sun in the upper-right of the photo; I quick-grabbed the shot through the windshield of the truck in stop-n-crawl traffic. In other words, not much time for proper framing.

Anyway, the day after this photo was taken, our high temperature fell by fifteen degrees.

In post-processing, this photo was cropped, sharpened, the noise was reduced, it received a curves adjustment, and the border was added.


  1. Very cool! I have never seen clouds like that.

  2. Heather -- we thought so, too. MiniMe and I were both disappointed when the formations disappeared.

  3. Gayle -- Neither had I until this day. Which is why I absolutely had to get a shot. Thank goodness for the stop-n-crawl midday traffic in my little town!