Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sweet Music

DAY 16

16 JAN 09

Since the kids have a four-day weekend this week (Presidents' Day weekend), I had the opportunity to accompany my husband to his studio for his regular Friday recording sessions. Knowing they'd also been doing a lot of construction down there, I took my cameras along to get what I knew would be great shots.

While my husband was working in the back warehouse portion of the building, there were a couple musicians songwriting up front. Actually, they were in the early stages -- more idea lobbing than writing. They were brainstorming ideas. And man, was it entertaining! I told them more than once I had brought the wrong camera. I should have had my video camera with me. But I did have my still camera, and Jeff and Bradly turned out to be more interesting subjects than the construction was (although I got shots of that, too).

Meet Bradly. I took a bunch of pictures of him while he played, some incorporating depth of field and selective focusing as in the shot above, others using motion blur to try and show just how dynamic the process was. In the end, I had so many shots to choose from, it was extremely difficult. This particular shot just spoke to me, and it did so the moment I captured it. Something told me this would be my shot for the day.

Post-processing includes noise reduction and sharpening, and I applied some additional lens blur to the ugly background. Borders were also added.


  1. Gotta say I love this shot. The entire photo has a very distinct vibe to it.

  2. Thanks. I was really pleased with this one, myself. Of course, out of 250 photos, I was bound to find a couple good ones. ;)