Saturday, January 17, 2009


DAY 15

15 JAN 09

On Day 15, I decided to see what kind of photos I might get in my backyard. I shot the woodpile. I shot the trees. I shot rocks and bricks and random debris. But this is the picture that was my favorite.

I played peek-a-boo with the sunlight through the branches of the trees. Yes, the sun is bright here, and somewhat blown out. Yes, the branches are very dark and pretty much silhouetted. But look at how blue the sky is. Look at all those little branches and twigs. One could almost imagine that tree is reaching out and trying to grab something.

It's nice to know I needn't go any further than my own backyard for a nice photo.

Post-processing includes sharpening and noise reduction, curves and contrast adjustments, a slight color boost, and the border addition.

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