Friday, January 20, 2012

2012 007/366: New Home

Day 7

18 JAN 2012

I'm in my second semester of college, and the week of Day 7 was my first week of second semester. Day 7 was a first, as well -- my first day of Anatomy & Physiology. Pictured is the new Life Sciences building at my school. It's the building that will essentially be my home for the next three years. I say it'll be my home because even when I'm not in class, chances are I will be in this building, either studying the medical models in Open Lab or hitting the books in the natural light of the beautiful lobby.

You may have noticed I said three years. That's A&P I this semester, A&P II over the summer, Microbiology in the Fall, and after that, I WILL be in the ADN program. I'm being optimistic, and not allowing for failure.


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