Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2010: Handychick

2010 Day 7

07 JAN 2010

My washing machine had been making horrendous noises. I mean wince and wait for it to explode kinds of sounds. I mentioned it to my husband, who told me to call the repairman. But he also said that when he re-leveled the machine, the noises backed off a bit. So the next time I heard the sounds, I got up right next to my washer to try and figure out from where the noises came.

Once I pinpointed an area of origin, I did a little investigation, a little research, and decided to try and fix the machine myself before putting out the money for a repairman. That's my hand in the picture as I hold the tiny hose to drain my washer's pump.

It turns out I was successful! Bits of plastic had made their way to my pump filter and were rattling around like crazy during the spin cycle. Not only did I save money, but I gained a bit of self-confidence and won the right to do the I'm So Awesome happy dance whenever my husband walked into the room.

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