Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2010: Big Ol' Letdown

2010 Day 8

08 JAN 2010

For days, we'd been warned about an impending snowstorm. One to two inches, the forecasters said. Not a whole lot, but enough to have a little fun in. People rushed to the supermarkets, bought bread and milk. I got caught up in it all. No bread or milk, but I did make sure I would be able to prepare at least three days of meals...just in case.

The day arrived, and as the day wore on, I saw other locals on the internet reporting snow in their area. I watched as the weather radar indicated the snow coming closer and closer. And when the first flakes started to fall in my neighborhood, my son and I cheered. Then my son promptly put on his coat, hat and gloves and went outside to play in the snow.

It didn't last long. Look at the photo from the day after the "storm". The snow barely covered my yard, and in no time it was gone from my driveway. But my kids still got a day off school -- we didn't get much white stuff, but in the morning the roads were slick with ice.

Who wants to play in ice?

So much for snowmen.

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