Friday, October 30, 2009

On the Fourth

Day 185

04 JULY 09

Day 185 fell on Independence Day, and I considered using one of my many fireworks photo attempts. Even started to process one of the photos, but I stopped myself. Decided to go against the grain. So much for the fireworks. ;-)

Every 4th of July, my husband's employer hosts a huge festival. It lasts all day with entertainment, a kids' carnival, and food, and it tops off at the end of the night with a huge fireworks display. Every year, my husband has to work the festival so the kids and I pack a cooler with food and drink and spend the day with him.

This was one of the entertainers for the day. A jazz musician. I wish I could remember his name; he was quite good. Even held a note on that sax for what seemed like a full 10 minutes. Dude was a master of circular breathing. My daughter (who plays the alto sax in her high school marching band) was green with envy.

I love this shot. Love the musicians position, love the story. I'm not crazy about the lighting, but what are you going to do with midday sun? And I hate hate hate that person in the lower left-hand corner. I thought about cloning him out, even made an attempt. Alas, my cloning skills were not up to snuff in this case.

Post-processing: noise reduction, sharpening, curves adjustment, border addition.

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