Monday, June 1, 2009

Church Side

DAY 137

17 MAY 09

Not too long ago, the Catholic church in my county outgrew their old little building and built a new sanctuary. I, myself, am a lapsed Catholic, so I've never been inside. In fact, I normally only see the outside at 55mph as I drive past.

My mother, however, is anything but lapsed. When she's home, she attends mass every day. When she visits me, she makes a concession and only goes on Sunday. So during her month-long visit, I got a closeup look at the church every Sunday when I dropped my mother off and again when I picked her up. Sometimes, I was even there to hear the bells.

This is the side of the church, taken as I sat in the overflow parking lot. I love that it's symmetrical and simple, yet attractive.

Post-processing: This photo is actually a blend of two photos -- one exposed for the church, and the other exposed for the sky. Beyond the blending and masking, there was some noise reduction, sharpening, a curves adjustment, and a slight bump on the blues in the sky.

Apparently my post-title brain cell has escaped. I sat here forever, trying to come up with a clever, or even a comprehensive, title for this post. I got nothing. So I went for the obvious.

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