Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Rev 'Em Up

DAY 115

25 APR 09

There's nothing creative about this picture. Nothing artistic. But I like it, nonetheless. What it is, is my husband. Not literally, of course. I promise you, I'm not married to a motor. That wouldn't even be legal, right?

My husband asked me to take this photo of his progress on the motor he's been building in our garage. He's very proud of this motor, very proud of the work he's done. Before my husband and I met, he built racing motors for fun. He'd been out of that world for quite a while, started pursuing other interests. He's a music man, and that's taken quite a bit of his time for a while. But he discovered a need, found some time, and has a new light in his eye.

Yeah, he gets greasy. Yeah, it can get pretty noisy. Yeah, our conversations are now littered with terms and references I don't understand. But yeah, it's making him happy. And that makes me happy.

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