Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Headlights On When Raining

DAY 128

08 MAY 09

This was one of those happy accident photos. My husband and I were driving up to the North Georgia Mountains to look at go-karts, and were rained on most of the way up there. Not necessarily a bad thing, I'm still not sick of the wet stuff.

Anyway, I thought the sky looked kind of cool up ahead, so I decided to take a photo as we drove. Normally, when I want a photo of the raindrops on the windshield, I struggle to get the camera to focus on the drops instead of the background. With this photo, I wanted the background. Of course, the camera focused on the drops.

Murphy's Law, right?

I still think it turned out well, though. I like the way the background looks thrown out of focus. Those headlights kind of look like giant eyes. Giant shocked eyes. And the taillights, well, they kind of look UFO-ish.

The one thing I really don't like is the reflection of my dashboard in the windshield. But other than that, I like the shot.

Post-processing: noise reduction, sharpening, curves adjustment, mild saturation boost, border addition.

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