Thursday, April 2, 2009

Upstairs, Downstairs

DAY 76

17 MAR 09

On Day 76, my daughter had a soccer game, so off to the high school I went. I took a few pictures of the game, but after shooting so many games with my Canon 40D rig, trying to take soccer photos with my little point-n-shoot was a step beyond frustrating. It also required excellent timing to make up for the shutter lag. I did get some decent shots, but they weren't the most interesting.

The shot I felt was the most interesting turned out to be this lonely staircase to nowhere, sitting quietly at the far edge of the field. And while the stairs looked almost forlorn -- and mysterious, they really weren't a mystery. I knew exactly what they were for. The director of the marching band uses them during football season.

They're just not being used at the present time.

The colors in the original photo were vibrant -- the green of the field, the white of the stairs, the rust-colored backfield -- still, I felt this sepia-toned black and white conversion set a better mood.

Post-production: crop, noise reduction, sharpening, curves adjustment, black & white conversion, sepia tint, border addition.


  1. Nice image - the sepia works really well.

  2. That is an interesting shot, but it might look even better if you cropped a little off the left.

  3. Ian -- Thanks for your input! I did go through a few different crops before settling on this one, but I'll try your suggestion and see what happens.

    Alan -- Thanks!