Thursday, April 2, 2009

It's Raining Again

DAY 74

15 MAR 09

Two things have become abundantly clear to me. First, taking my Project 365 photos has become a habit. I like that. It means there's a good chance I'll be sticking with the project.

Second, I'm not very good at updating daily. While I'm taking photos daily, I'm not downloading them daily. I'm not processing photos daily. I'm not posting photos daily. What I am doing, however, is often playing catch-up. Just not daily.

I hope you'll bear with me on my catch-up days.

Day 74 brought more rain. Some folks around here have taken to complaining about the wet stuff; I still enjoy it. Does that make me weird? This photo was a little experiment with the raindrops on my truck window. While I wish the focus had been just a bit sharper, overall, I'm pleased with the result.

Post-processing: noise reduction, sharpening, curves adjustment, border addition.


  1. Better rain than snow - which, believe it or not, we are expecting over the weekend.

    Neat picture!

  2. I think this is really cool. And either I'm having deja vu, or I already mentioned on another photo very similar to this, that it (they) look very similar to mine from January 6th. Cool shot!

  3. Tim -- You're right -- the photos are very similar. I haven't done one of these yet (I double-checked!), though, so you must have commented on somebody else's. What did make me smile was the one big difference between the two photos: yours has the lights of the city in the background, mine is backed by trees. :)

    Heather -- More snow? I know you're hating it. I won't be mean and tell you what our temperature is right now. ;)