Sunday, April 12, 2009

Dot Dot Dot

DAY 91

01 APR 09

Yes, I've been posting a lot of rain-related pictures lately. That's good news for my area, as it means we've had enough rain for me to take a lot of rain-related pictures. It was recently reported that all this rain may have actually pulled us out of the worst of our seemingly ever-enduring drought.

These raindrops were clinging to the side of my truck. They kind of reminded me of that you know what I'm talking about? It was a candy that was little dots stuck to a sheet of paper. I'm sure they exist/existed, though I don't know their name.

I also found it interesting that when I zoomed in to a 100% crop, it was clear that each little drop reflected the woods next to my house.

Post-processing: noise reduction, sharpening, black & white conversion, border addition.

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