Monday, March 2, 2009

The Read Through

DAY 48

17 FEB 09

Day 48 was the day I'd declared I would begin to re-introduce writing to my daily routines. Since I was working on a story I'd already started, my first step was to print what I had and read it through, catching myself up.

The story is Chester and Rube, a kind of fractured adventure featuring an innocent white duck with green pointy ears and his newfound giant purple dinosaur friend, Rube, and their quest to save their home forest from the evil Centipig. I'd started it for NaNoWriMo 2008, and it's now time to finish it.

Post-processing included conversion to black & white, noise reduction, sharpening, a curves adjustment, and the Still Life 3 filter from Virtual Photographer.


  1. Centi-pig! I can't remember, did your daughter create him or did you? I remember talking to her about it and drawing some pictures of it. XD

  2. That one was hers. She brought up the word, I thought it was cool, and we eventually incorporated him into the story. Good memory!