Tuesday, February 17, 2009

On Dry Land

DAY 47

16 FEB 09

Day 47 was President's Day and the kids had the day off from school. I didn't want them zombied out in front of their computers and video games, so my husband and I got them out of the house and off to one of Georgia's state parks.

This photo is from Tugaloo State Park, on the shore of Hartwell Lake. Actually, this spot used to be underwater -- probably 5-10 feet deep, and these little shells were everywhere. Georgia's continued drought has just decimated this body of water.

It was quite sad to see. I'd seen this lake from the road as we drove by at 65+/- mph, seen where the lake had been dried so long there was grass growing, seen the floating docks now sitting on dry land. But experiencing it up close, getting out and walking the lake bed, brought all new meaning to the situation for me. There are boat ramps that now end nowhere near the water. The beach in this park is closed. Marked poles previously used for measuring water depth now sit yards away from the shoreline.

Will this drought ever end?

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  1. It is sad how low Hartwell is, isn't it? My folks live not too far from Hartwell and Tugaloo. It makes me very sad to think about it and see it. I drive around Lake Lanier every day almost. I hope the drought ends soon.

  2. I knew you were near Lanier; I'm sure that sight must be depressing, too.

    There's a farm along the way between my house and I-85 that has a little pond on their property. The pond is nearly empty; their dock sits on dry land and their boat ramp doesn't get near the water. It's very sad. I noticed today there's a little more water in it, though. I was starting to think it would never be much more than a dusty hole in the ground again.