Friday, March 6, 2009

Copper Thingies

DAY 58

27 FEB 09

Like the technical nature of the post title? It's because I honestly don't know what this is a photograph of -- I forgot to check when I took the picture. Plus, since my husband is -- erm -- unavailable at the moment, I can't ask him, either. So I titled this post with what caught my eye and prompted me to take the picture in the first place.

I was with said husband (obviously available at the time *snicker*) at the hardware store, another one of his playgrounds. I don't remember what he was looking for at the time; I think it was some sort of electrical strap. Anyway, I tried helping him find it, but since I had no idea what it really was, I was quite ineffective. Eventually, I became bored with the helping, so I turned around to find something to take pictures of.

These little suckers were on the same aisle he was browsing, just down at the other end. I liked the willy-nilly way they were thrown into their box, and the copper color was something I had yet to capture. So capture it I did.

Post-processing was the usual noise reduction, sharpening, and border addition. No curves adjustment this time, so I guess it wasn't entirely the usual, was it?


  1. Copper Thingies is a fitting title. I have no idea what those things would be called either. But they do make an interesting photo.

  2. Those are fuses. Old style from before the circuit breaker days. Remember grandpa going to the fuse box because the kitchen lights were out? He probably was replacing one of these. Now days, we just flip the circuit breaker switch off and then back on and we're cookin' again...

  3. Thanks, Tim. Guess there are folks out there still using them -- at least in my little rural county, because this store had BUNCHES.

    I appreciate the info!

  4. Tess -- My sentiments, exactly!