Friday, January 30, 2009

This Way and That

DAY 23

23 JAN 09

It's an evening shot. Sunset. Yes, it's kind of a cop out. Almost a cliche. But we need a good cliche every once in a while. And it's here for the simple reason that on Day 23 of Project 365, the scene struck me.

I was waiting for my daughter to finish her soccer tryouts for the day (she just got word today, BTW, she made the team!) and the sky over the soccer field caught my attention. More precisely, the clouds did. They seemed to be in motion though they didn't appear to be moving. It almost looked they they were starting to go one way, changed their mind, then went the other way. And the result was a cool scene to my eyes.

A little bit heavier post-processing on this one: the usual sharpening and noise reduction, plus a boost in blues and the addition of a polarizing effect.

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