Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Pole Position

DAY 13

13 JAN 09

Since I've been in a routine the past week, I don't get many different places for picture variety. Home, the grocery store, Tae Kwon Do, and soccer make up the bulk of my days, so it's no wonder many of my pictures are taken during soccer, when I have time to sit and look at the world around me.

Today's picture is another soccer picture. I was sitting in my truck waiting for my daughter to finish up. One of the times I looked up from my crochet project, I happened to notice this power pole sitting between me and the field. More specifically, I noticed the numbers on that pole. I found the contrasting colors interesting (I seem to be very into contrasts lately). So I took my point-n-shoot out and grabbed a picture.

When I "chimped" the shot (checked in the LCD), I wasn't really happy with the pole positioning. I didn't feel like I was seeing enough of the numbers. So I braved the plummeting temperatures and got out of the truck to find a position with a better angle. This photo is the result.

Post-processing included sharpening, noise reduction, curves and contrast adjustment, and the addition of the border.

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