Monday, January 19, 2009

Play Guitar

DAY 18

18 JAN 09

Today, the family returned to my husband's recording studio, but there were no musicians there, save my own children. My daughter brought her electric guitar (a Christmas gift) and my son brought my husband's acoustic guitar, which seems to have become the family guitar.

While we were there, both kids played guitar, piano, and drums while I bounced all over the building taking pictures. The shot that I ended up choosing for today turned out to be the very last shot I took. It's my daughter's guitar, which was leaning against a table when I walked into the room.

There was another occasion today -- not only was it my second time shooting at the studio, but it was also my second time shooting at the studio using my 50mm f/1.8 lens. Known as the Nifty Fifty, I can see it quickly becoming one of my favorites. I mean, please. An f/1.8? And for less than $100?

I shot a lot at f/1.8 today for two reasons: 1)I've never really shot at that aperture before, so I wanted to try it; and 2) I was indoors and wanted to use my flash as little as possible.

Flash experimenting will be coming on another Project 365 day, I'm sure.

Post-processing on this photo included white balance adjustment, sharpening and noise reduction, and a slight curves adjustment.

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