Friday, January 30, 2009

Lights and Shadows

DAY 25

25 JAN 09

As the sun goes down in the evening, my family switches on the large chandelier light in our 2-story foyer. We turn it on the morning, too, but since this photo was taken in the evening, we'll use the evening.

That light illuminates the area in front of the front door. It brightens the stairs. It lights up the upstairs landing/hallway. It even looks cool through the second floor window it hangs behind. It's an absolute multi-purpose light.

On Day 25 (once again, it was actually Night 25), I was going up the stairs for the night. Stairs I could see (and avoid falling down) because of the foyer light. As I reached the top, for some reason, I looked back. And for the first time, I noticed the intricate pattern of shadows the chandelier threw upon the ceiling. Ain't it cool?

When processing the photo, I considered some extra photoshopping to try and remove the chandelier's mount and chain, but decided that was a tremendous amount of work and possibly beyond my photoshopping skills, so I nixed that idea. Then I considered just cropping it on out of there. After studying the photo a moment, I realized that cropping it would also mean losing the dark star right there at the base. Since I felt that added something to the photo, that idea went out the window too. In the end, I didn't crop and I didn't do any extra photoshopping. I left the photo as it was.

The post-processing I did do included sharpening and noise reduction, a contrast boost, and conversion to black & white through Adobe Camera Ready.

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