Saturday, January 31, 2009


DAY 26

26 JAN 09

I had two pictures for Day 26 I couldn't decide between. I asked my daughter pick one, and this is the one she chose. This is one of the leaves on the huge bush next to my front porch after a rain. We've been in a severe drought here for a number of years, so any kind of rain even is worthy of cheering. And when it rained on this day, I absolutely had to run out and take pictures.

I don't often use the macro setting on my little Canon point-n-shoot, so doing this photo gave me the perfect opportunity to experiment. And that's exactly why I was doing Project 365: to experiment and learn new things!

Post-processing included what has become my routine -- noise reduction and sharpening and a slight curves adjustment. Plus the addition of the border, of course.

Are you wondering which photo my daughter didn't choose? Here it is!


  1. Your daughter has a good eye - I agree with her choice. A great capture of the droplets. I can almost feel the moisture.