Friday, April 15, 2011

2011: 54/365 Neptune Blue

26 MAR 2011

We were at the local Y for my son's Webelos den meeting. In the corner of the room, atop some cheap white plastic shelving, were a couple of shoebox dioramas. Remember those? Waaaaaay back in the old days we'd take a little glue, some styrofoam, and a couple popsicle sticks and built scenes from the Old West. Or Amish Country. Or the solar system.

These were dioramas of the solar system. A couple of the boys studied them and one nonchalantly answered a question another asked by saying, "Pluto's not a planet."

It still makes me sad that Pluto's no longer considered a planet. Maybe it's because of my affection for the little guy. Not Pluto in particular, but the general Little Guy. The underdog. In this case, Pluto.

Anyway, this photo is Neptune from one of those dioramas. Not very exciting, but a nice shade of blue.

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