Wednesday, March 2, 2011

2011: 19/365 Arbor Day

19 FEB 2011

On Day 19, our local state park celebrated Arbor Day, and my son's Cub Scout pack celebrated with them, planting trees. A lot of local groups -- not just the Cub Scouts -- showed up to help out. In fact, a park official told us they had more people show up this year than they expected, so the park did a little scrambling for extra trees and mulch. But they came through in the end.

Our Webelos den dug a hole, put the tree into the hole, filled the hole, and finally, covered the ground around the newly planted tree with mulch. Since only two of our boys remembered to bring shovels, there was a little bit of arguing. 9-11 year old boys don't always share well.

After planting the trees, we worked on our cars for the Pinewood Derby, ate a picnic lunch, and shot off model rockets. It was boy nirvana!

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