Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2011: 1/365 Winter

01 FEB 2011

Here we are, a month into 2011. I first tried Project 365 in 2009. A hard drive failure prevented me from posting all my pictures, even though I really did take a photo a day (most days) through the end of the year. I tried again in 2010, but lost interest four months in. Can I go the distance in 2011?

I'm going to try.

My first pictures is called Winter. A large portion of the U.S. is paralyzed by snow and ice. Here in the Southeast, we're expecting rain. Maybe some thunderstorms. While I love the snow, today I consider myself lucky.

As I sit here typing, I can see out my window. It hasn't started raining yet, but it sure looks like it's about to. A blanket of fog covers the ground as far as I can see. There's no fog in my Day 1 photo, though; just a leafless tree of window silhouetted against a cold, cloud-filled sky.


As soon as I figure out the day numbers, I'll post the Project 365 photos I have (that aren't trapped on the still non-functioning hard drive). In order.


  1. Good to see you posting again, Lynn! I was among those dumped on this week--nearly 19 inches of fresh snow in three days! And now the temps have dropped to arctic again, only 2F as I type this at 10am (-10 over night).

  2. Thanks, Heather. I've been under tremendous stress lately, and decided I needed an outlet. Here it is!

    I feel for ya with that weather. Make sure you stay safe and warm!