Monday, February 14, 2011

2011: 10/365 Snowy Morning Sun

10 FEB 2011

Atlanta has seen a lot of snow this winter -- more than we've seen in recent years. Most people seem to hate it; not me. I'm like a kid again when it snows.

When I know the snow is coming, I find myself watching out the window for it. And when it does arrive, I can't hold back. I'm outside, staring at the sky. Enjoying the snow in my hair. Loving the way it covers my yard. It's exciting.

This snow didn't keep the kids out of school like the prior one did. It stuck to the trees, the yard, my car... It left the roads alone -- for the most part.

These are the trees across the street from my house. The snow coating the branches made them look magical. The morning sun lighting the treetops added to the Wonderland quality.

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