Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2009: 336/365 Echo in the Water

02 DEC 2009

Echo in the Water. Quite the angsty teen title, is it not? I was looking for an alternative to the predictable Reflection, but everything seemed slightly cheesy. Which meant, of course, I had to go for the entire cheese wheel.

About the photo -- clearly it was a rainy day, and I took this shot in the parking lot at my local grocery store. I seem to spend a tremendous amount of time at my local grocery store, so it's only fitting I have photos from there. I returned my cart to the cart corral (because I'm a good girl and I always return my cart to the cart corral), I noticed the puddle and the partial reflection there. It looked interesting to me, so I shot it.

Since the only real color in the original shot was a couple brown leaves, I decided to go ahead and convert it to black & white. And since I was already converting it, why not go ahead and overdo it just a tad? Cheese wheel post title, cheese wheel conversion? There's a tremendous amount of contrast in the photo -- helped along by the Virtual Photographer 50's filter -- but that's what I like about it.

We all need a little cheese in our lives.

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