Friday, February 19, 2010

2010: Pop Top

2010 Day 25

25 JAN 2010

"It's Day 25. What should I take a picture of?"
blink , blink
"The day's almost over. What should I shoot for Project 365?"
blink, blink
"Oh, look! A can!"
camera clicks

Converted to black and white with Virtual Photographer.


  1. Hi Lynn
    I was looking at the photo for a while and thinking what is this ?!
    First I thought it's a plate and something is in it ! .. Then I reallized it's top of a can !!
    I should refresh my eye or may be my brain !
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Hi, just stopped by. You have some beautiful photos, especially the black and whites.

  3. Steve -- Thank you!

    Aziz -- That's pretty funny. I do that sometimes; my eyes just don't seem to work as they should.