Monday, January 11, 2010

Sometimes Technology Sucks

It's killing me.

I've got half a year of Project 365 shots waiting to be processed on the computer drive we purchased to house all my photos. They're all just sitting there. Waiting. And they're just sitting there waiting because I can't access the drive. It's weird. The drive's there. The computer can talk to the drive. We can change the settings on the drive. But I can't actually get into the drive.

We're doing what we can to remedy that situation, since that drive not only contains all my photos and all the processing work I've done, but it also contains everything I've ever written. Some of it is backed up, but some of it isn't. Until the problem is corrected, my 2009 Project 365 posts are on hold.

I'm still doing Project 365, though, and will be purchasing a portable drive later today. Once I do that, I'll be processing and posting photos I've taken for Project 365 2010!

I appreciate your patience!


  1. Oh sometimes technologies do not make our lives easier, that is when they don't work the way they suppose to. My friend is also doing the daily picture for 365 days. I thought it was a great idea. I in the other hand decided to blog for the rest of the year. I just create a blog, I always postpone this idea of mine until now. It's time to get my mind to think straight and my words to the world. I also do photography. It's a passion. I hope you and the drive get to connect soon. Happy day!

  2. Thanks, Mari! Good luck to you with your blog.