Tuesday, January 19, 2010

2010: I Am Not Amused

2010 Day 10

10 JAN 2010

It's another doggie shot!

Our other dog (LittleDog) often moves very slowly in cold weather; we fear he may have arthritis. The kids and I decided to try getting him a couple doggie coats for Christmas to see if they helped him. On Day 10, daughter decided to torture OldDog by putting one of the coats on him.

There's a 5-10 pound difference between the two dogs, and it really showed when OldDog wore LittleDog's coat. In fact, that little coat made OldDog look like a black stuffed sausage. Apparently it made him feel like one, too -- he high-stepped whenever he tried to walk and looked generally uncomfortable.

Once Daughter stopped laughing, she took pity on OldDog and removed the coat. Good thing, because OldDog really wasn't amused at all.

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