Thursday, October 15, 2009

Get Back Here! It's Bathtime!

Day 176

25 JUNE 09

My dogs hate baths. They hate them. But one of them deals with it just a little worse than the other.

Day 176 is another 2 picture day, because it takes 2 pictures to tell the story. And it makes things more fun.

The first picture is our older dog. He's been pictured here before. And he's the big baby when it comes to baths. And rain. And any other situation where water might touch him. Maybe he thinks he'll melt. Whatever the reason, giving him a bath is always an ordeal. My daughter has a system, though. She captures him, puts him on a leash, then ties the leash off to the fence. That way, she can use both hands to clean him and he doesn't get away. I'm sure you can tell from the photo he isn't as pleased with this method as she is.

After she washed him, she let him off the leash. And he took off running -- straight for the shed. The shed has a dirt floor. When he reached the shed, he rolled and rolled and rolled. By the time he was finished, he looked like he'd never been bathed in the first place. My daughter had to recapture him, wash him again, then tie him off to the fence by the cement patio until he dried. He really wasn't happy about that.

The second picture is our other dog, oftened affectionately referred to as Little Dog in our household. I got this photo while the other dog was being chased around the backyard. Little Dog was sitting perfectly still in the shed. Almost as though he were thinking If I don't move, they won't see me. Of course, that smile on his face gave him away, and we knew he was actually thinking Sucker! I'm glad it's you getting the bath and not me! Unfortunately for him, his turn came about ten minutes later.

Post-processing: minimal on both photos -- noise reduction, sharpening, border addition. I did do a little extra lightening on the eyes in the first picture.

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