Wednesday, April 22, 2009

There's a Car in the Backyard

DAY 101

11 APR 09

Day 101 ended up being an odd day for me. I was certain I already had my Project 365 shot and was watching TV when I heard a very loud THUD! behind my house. Our property backs up to a pretty heavily traveled road, so some traffic noise isn't unusual. I attributed this noise to a large truck, a dump truck maybe, hitting a bump. That wasn't the case.

It was this classic Firebird coming to an abrupt stop in my backyard. At the very back of my backyard -- nobody in my family was in danger. Unfortunately, the other party involved in the wreck -- a motorcyclist -- was killed.

While the wreck is still under investigation, the assumption at this point is this (referring to people by their vehicle): The Firebird was on his way to a car show when the motorcycle, traveling in the opposite direction, drifted out of his lane. The Firebird swerved to avoid impact, but the motorcycle hit him anyway, sending the Firebird off the road and into my backyard.

A full description of my experience with this wreck (and more photos) is posted here.

Post-production: noise reduction, sharpening, border addition.


  1. Good picture but what a sad story.

  2. Thanks. It was very sad. There's now a wreath across the street to remember the motorcycle rider by. I see it every day.