Sunday, April 26, 2009

Once More Before They Go

DAY 103

13 APR 09

When my husband and I were in the side yard taking a look at what needed to be done to clean it up, I noticed the Wisteria was looking particularly pretty. So I took pictures. My last shots had been distance shots, so I went for closeups this time. This was the last picture I got of the wisteria before the flowers faded away.

If my husband has his way, there won't be any more Wisteria to shoot in the future. I don't think he'll get his way just yet. ;)

Post-processing: noise reduction, sharpening, curves bump, border addition.


  1. This is so pretty! We have a Wisteria plant/bush/vine, whatever it is. It was in a great spot in our yard and never flowered. My husband dug it up and stuck it in the woods where nobody can see it and now it flowers every year!

  2. Thanks, Gayle! Sadly, our Wisteria is going to have to go. It's strangling the trees. Makes me sad because it really is gorgeous when it blooms.