Thursday, March 12, 2009

Fly Away

DAY 67

08 MAR 09

This picture is actually a pretty bad one. I literally took it while driving. Held the camera up, pointed it in the general direction, prayed, and hit the shutter. It's actually pure luck. The afternoon, however, was classic. This ride this picture was taken during was hilarious. It was those memories that prompted me to use the photo.

It was a Sunday. My husband was at work, my son at a sleepover. My daughter and I were all alone, and we took advantage of it. We were on our way to the store when I grabbed this shot. It was a warm day, and we were in my truck with the moonroof and the windows open. I glanced over at my daughter and nearly died laughing. The wind patterns through the truck were sucking my daughter's hair straight up and out the moonroof. It looked so ridiculous, I had to take a picture.

My daughter tells me it was doing the same thing to my hair. I didn't get a picture of that.

Post production: noise reduction, sharpening, cropping of most of the blown-out forehead, border addition.

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