Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Raindrops Keep Falling

DAY 33

02 FEB 09

Yup. Rain's still exciting to us North Georgians. As long as we have drought, we'll happy dance at the sight of rain. This shot in particular is the one I was going for on Day 28 when I got the reflection shot instead.

I like the circles. I like the puddle. I like the hint of concrete in the foreground. I like the out of focus What the heck is that? reflection in the water. For me, this shot just works.

Post processing on this one included conversion to black & white in Adobe Camera Raw, noise reduction, sharpening, a curves adjustment and contrast boost, and the addition of the filter "Anvil" in Virtual Photographer. And my usual simple black border, too.


  1. Oh yes. The rain we desperately need! Nice capture on the ripples in the water.

  2. Thanks. This shot relaxes me. I can almost hear the rain.