Thursday, February 5, 2009


DAY 36

05 FEB 09

Project 365s are supposed to include self-portraits, right?

I really went back and forth on this one for a number of reasons. Do I really want to include pictures of myself? Is this really the picture I want to include? Is the picture too cold? But my head is cut off! Do I look too fat? Maybe I should take more pictures. Maybe I should use one of the other ones. Maybe I should scrap this whole self-portrait idea and take a picture of a leaf.

As much as I was digging that leaf idea, I swallowed my pride to post this one. My daughter thinks it's cold looking. I suppose I could have added more warmth in post, but for some reason, I liked this one this way. Could be my mood. Ask me again tomorrow, and I might agree with my daughter.

At any rate, it's me. With my head cut off. Done using the point-n-shoot's self-timer feature. Post processing was noise reduction, sharpening, curves adjustment, and I cropped some snow boots out of the shot.

Pardon me while I go hide.


  1. Even at my advanced age, my mind still boggles at how many beautiful people I know who don't seem to know just how dernded beautiful they really are [sighs, only just slightly exasperatedly...]

  2. Nice shot. I don't think this is a cold shot. But your hair looks like it's gotten really long since the last time I saw you!

  3. Thanks, Tess. Yeah, the hair's long, but I don't remember the length the last time we met up, so I don't know the difference. :)

    Not sure why MiniMe thought it was cold -- but I think warming it up would have thrown the color way off. Especially since it was lit by natural sunlight. ::shrug::

  4. You're very kind, Andrew, even at your advanced age. ;) In my own defense, I will say that we are all our own worst critics -- thank goodness. I'm not sure I could handle it if somebody were even more critical of my than I am!

    Appreciate your sighs -- exasperated or not. :)